Glycerin(technical grade)
Alkaline agent substitute
Moisturizing agent
Chelated dispersing agent
Softening agent
Industrial glucose
Industrial glucose
Product Description:

Industrial glucose is also known as full sugar or food grade glucose. It adopts high-quality starch or rice as raw material. It is white bulk solid or powder with sweet taste. Solid content≥80%, DE value≥95. It can be widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, microbial fermentation and other industries. It can substitute for white granulated sugar in candy, cookie, beverage, cold snack, biscuit, medicine, jam jelly and other food industries to improve flavor and quality, and to reduce cost. If used in cookie, beverage and cold snack, it can keep soft of these products, extend shelf life. In addition, it can also be used in leather industry to increase softness and as reducing agent of tanning material.

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