Glycerin(technical grade)
Alkaline agent substitute
Moisturizing agent
Chelated dispersing agent
Softening agent
Industrial glucose
Moisturizing agent

Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent and viscous liquid
Specific weight: ≥1.2481 (20℃/20℃)
Viscosity: ≥50Mpa s
Refractive index: (ND20)1.4400-1.4700
PH: 6-8
Solubility: Infinitely soluble in water
Heat resistance: 120℃±5℃, not break down, no-discoloring, no odor within 3 minutes.
Cold resistance: -10℃±2℃, non-crystallizable, no layer within 24 hours.
Lead (in Pb), mg/kg: ≤5
Arsenic (in As), mg/kg: ≤2
Total bacterial: (each/ml)≤100


皇冠足彩Widely used in cigarette, water-based ink, textile, dyeing and printing, chemical, coating, paper-making and other fields.

Standard & Packing:

皇冠足彩Galvanized iron drum or plastic drum, 250Kg/drum, or upon customers' demand.

Shelf Life:

Avoid sunlight and rain if transported and stored at room temperature. Shelf Life: 12 months since production.

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